Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Up in the Rarefied Air

And so I take leave of earthly things for a while and look up to the heavens, baring witness to shooting stars while musical notes rise up from the boughs into a clear winter sky.

The latest release is a design based on the Latin phrase 'O, Sanctissima' with various translations around the theme of 'O joyful day'. I found this clip of Bing Crosby singing along in Latin, apparently transporting another gentleman to a visionary realm with his sublime crooning... perhaps you are familiar?

I don't know the story but feel like someone has lit a warm crackling fire somewhere nearby me when I see old movies like these.

As I researched further, I discovered the tune was known as the 'Sicilian Mariners' Hymn' arising during the seventeen hundreds.  In a nod to this, I added a border which echos the movement of the rolling waves, bringing those mariners' back safely to shore while they sing out loudly in joy of their work complete for another day.

Aside from stars and star trails, musical notes come from trumpets playing and the letter 'O' becomes a lute instrument hanging on an old tree, twisty with vines.

Loving those October colours helping the photoshoot along!
You can see my imperfect stitching up of the 'stuffing' gap... sometimes it's good, sometimes not so good...

And the shop photo:

Out comes the trusty crunkled seam binding I dyed with a few different colours a while back!

And so I'm off now to the next stitched piece, it shouldn't take too long as I'm tearing through those stitches (not literally) :-/ but I am enjoying the next one - a prim angel sorting out his abode for the winter season.  I'll grab a few shots of progress in the next few days.

Most Peaceful stitching to you



  1. Hi!
    Your new design is lovely! Pretty floss colours! The ribbons, wow, they look great!!
    Waiting for see your next model!

    1. Thanks Lili! :-D I'm ahead of myself at the moment with stitching mojo at full steam, thanks for stopping by, I feel I need a virtual kettle and tea at the ready for visitors! ;-)

  2. Another gorgeous design,I love the colours in your stitched pieces.

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