Saturday, 25 October 2014

An Angelic Stitch

I thought I'd be posting progress pics, but I whipped through the design I've been working on extra rapidly so you might now regard it with your genteel attentions...

Angel Abode - 'just a little bit christmassy'
Prim Angel trims the tree, clad in his linen robes of light earthy hues.  A little backstitching has been employed, an algerian eye stitch or four have snuck in, I kept it simple with patterns echoing each other around the border and throughout the 'celestial bodies' stitched in light pewter light gray (DMC 169).

I used a 32 count Zweigart linen in colour 'Antique White' but it looks a little more tan in the photo above.  It does however provide a good visual preview as to how a linen would look if aged lightly with walnut ink crystals, coffee or Rit Tan liquid dye, if you want to prim it up before you stitch.

framed with 'stitching paraphernalia'

Above is more the 'real life' colour.  I shone my stitching lamp upon it which I'll remember for future photo shoots, it worked a treat and will be helpful come the dark winter months when sun goes to bed rather early round these parts :-/

I also revamped the design of the PDF document, I'm always looking to hone things and make them better, or clearer, or more interesting to look at, so I've added some hand drawn borders and what not into the instructions to make them a little more pleasing than just the bare words.  Yesterday was a day of tweaking, which I kind of enjoy :-).


  1. Sweet angel!! Very beautiful Christmas prim design!

  2. Hallowe'en and Christmas are my favourite stitching topics.Your angel is very sweet.

  3. So cute! I bought this design earlier today and will stitch it tonight. Thanks!