Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Winter Hare in the Rosehips

A new finish in a flurry of snow .°.°.°.°.°

poised in a moment, has someone spotted me?

 I don't have the pattern ready for this finish yet as I did tend to go a bit 'off piste' when I was stitching the snowflakes and branches and what not.  It's a design with a lot of organic shapes, which means the odd stitch added, missed out, or in the 'wrong' place doesn't really change the overall finish, which is relaxing.  Added to that, the body of the hare, if you like to outline first, can be filled in without much regard to the paper pattern - another win for TV stitching! 

I've used my new go to thread for fluffy snow flakes again, the skinny spaghetti that is Coton a Broder by DMC size number 30, this time in shade B5200 (the blueish brightest white).  It works on this background which is Zweigart 32 count Belfast linen in colour Pearl Grey, which I'm loving.  The cool elegant tone of the linen contrast delicately with the warmer nutty browns of the hare.

A bit of embroidery has snuck in of course, the big snowflake is a mix of cross stitches and, well, I don't know the word exactly, 'counted thread work' would cover it I think.

I toyed with the idea of adding red beads for the berries, but decided to keep that thought for another design and just went with the rich tones of DMC 3777 dotted here and there.  I raided my stash for the eye bead, as it needed something with a bit more impact that my usual tiny (the tiny-est) seed bead... opting for something larger in a metallic old gold hue.  The eye is key I find, it just brings life.

ever alert, ready to run

Soon the pattern will appear in the shop, before the Long Night Moon on December 6th.

May goodstitching be upon you!


  1. I love it!! How pretty Hare!! Sweet snowflake.
    Have a nice weekend!!

    1. Thanks Lili! I'm having a lovely weekend - I hope you had a good Thanksgiving with plenty rest and good food :-)) We have to wait 'till xmas for our feast!

  2. I just found your blog via another blogger and I can tell I am going to love it. Headed to explore it now. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for dropping by laceystitcher ! We are still quite a humble little corner of stitches right now, but growing slowly like a snowberry bush... :-)

  3. this hare is awesome, thanks for the freebie